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Denki Tiger Events Page

Denki Tiger has created or been involved with many subculture events and tours.
Tokyo Dark Castle
The biggest Gothic event in Tokyo comes to San Francisco with the bands Secret Secret, Spanking Machine, Neither Neither World, Order of the Fly, Flatline Transmissions, and Mute Angst Envy.
Kobe Underground Festival
They said it couldn't be done. They said there were no goths in Kobe, but Denki Tiger didn't listen to the everyday wisdom and with the help of dear friends created the biggest gothic event ever seen in Kobe. Over 300 people attended this historic all night event. Featuring the bands Auto-Mod, Secret Secret, Jubilee, Agent Murder and more.

Nocturn Volume I
A series of events featuring Secret Secret. This included the first live band appearance at Yaoicon. In additon to Secret Secret Nocturn included the bands Push, PseudoCipher, Control Theory, Black Snake Moan, Tomoko Miwa, Bobbleheads, Pom Pom Meltdown, Loma Prieta, and Sparrows Point.

Season of Darkness
In 2001 Denki Tiger recording artists Secret Secret went on an international tour playing with great bands at amazing events. This tour included the very first Tokyo Goth and Darkwave, The World Elepop Festival, and The Bizarre Vampire Bazaar. The following artists also partisipated in these events: Kenzo Saeki, Auto Mod, Jellyfish (JP), Rumi Shishido, Tomoyuki Ohki (Tomovsky), Tadashi Ueda, Yukako Hayase, Elektel, Pyokn, Neurotic Doll, SOL, Bitch, Nameless Cult, Vegas, Koume, Magnaroid, Attrition, Ganymede, Travelogue, and Gossamer.

A Dark Memorial
In May of 2001 Denki Tiger produced a three city tour Featuring Secret Secret (San Francisco), Blind Before Dawn (England), and Reflected Image (Germany).

West Coast September Synthpop Tour
In September of 2000 Denki Tiger produced a nine show tour visiting cities from San Diego to Seattle, with the bands Secret Secret, B!Machine, Blind Before Dawn, Moonlife, Dreams of the Fall, Exhibition, Soyfutura, The Shadow Cabinet, Persona, Licorice, See Colin Slash, and Ganymede.

CMJ Synthpop Night
In 1999 Denki Tiger created the very first Synthpop night at the CMJ Music Festival. Held at the world famous NYC Bat Cave this event Featured the bands Anything Box and Secret Secret. Being an all night event bands were performing well past 6 am! In 2000 Denki Tiger organized the second year and the numbers were even bigger.