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The Season of Darkness Schedule

October/December 2001 Secret Secret will be performing an international Synthpop tour. Depending on the night, Secret Secret will be accompanied with other Synthpop and Gothic bands. Please check back regularly as this listing will be updated.

Cities included on this tour currently are:
Date City Venue Ages Door Time Bands
Fri 19th Shibuya Aoi Heya ? 2300-2800 yen 20:00~5:00 a, c, d, e, f, g, l, m, n
Sat 20th Shibuya Shibuya Deseo ? 3000-3500 yen 24:00~4:30 b, h, i, j, k
Sat 27th Long Bch Bizarre Vampire Bazaar 18+ $15/$20 8pm o, p, q
Dec Sat 1st San Francisco Shrine of Lilith ? $? ? r
Key to bands playing with Secret Secret during this tour:
  1. Kenzo Saeki
  2. Auto Mod
  3. Jellyfish
  4. Rumi Shishido, Tomoyuki Ohki (Tomovsky), Tadashi Ueda
  5. Yukako Hayase
  6. Elektel
  7. Pyokn
  8. Neurotic Doll
  9. SOL
  10. Bitch
  11. Nameless Cult
  12. Vegas
  13. Koume
  14. Magnaroid
  15. Attrition
  16. Ganymede
  17. Travelogue
  18. Gossamer
All information is subject to change.